Wonderful Wine Cellar

Trinidad now boasts an exquisite Wine Cellar, featuring Lazenby’s Iron Grey polished concrete floor and a multitude of pre-cast Dusk coloured concrete boxes. These two complementary concrete colours have transformed this Wine Cellar, into a perfect wine storage and display for world-class wines. Everyone at Lazenby volunteered for this exceptional project…we wonder why!? Was it the amazing Trinidadian countryside and beaches; the chance of a sample or two of wine at the perfect temperature or dedication to Lazenby’s master craftsmanship? We may never know. What we do know is that this wine connoisseur is a visionary and Lazenby are legendary. Over 5300 kgs of Dusk coloured, pre-cast concrete boxes were Manufactured in the U.K. and shipped and assembled in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Each box was masterfully installed with 3mm shadow gap, set on top of an Iron grey Lazenby polished concrete floor. There is now room for 1200 bottles of wine! Local aggregate, sand and cement was sourced to the usual high standards that Lazenby demands. For more information about Lazenby’s exceptional decorative, visual please contact us today: 01935 700306 or make an exclusive appointment to visit our showroom to discuss your creative ideas.