Dramatic Tempest

Lazenby’s Tempest pre-cast concrete is a perfect complement to Lazenby’s Dark Grey polished concrete. This dramatic pre-cast Tempest worktop is bold, confident and impressive. The finished worktop is 3m long, 0.8m wide and 1.2m high and open along one side for diners to perch on retro sculptured white stools. The working side of the worktop is crafted to provide practical levels for storage and food preparation.

The worktop is 75mm deep and reinforced with steel mesh. The mold was created to a bespoke design and cast on-site. Lazenby’s master craftsmanship guarantees care and attention in the finishing and handover. This smooth, sleek concrete installation blows any other substrate out of the water! To discuss your designs please contact our technical team on: 01935 700 306