ZigZag’s Ebony

Lazenby’s Ebony pre-cast concrete floor tiles adorn The ZigZag Building in Victoria, London. Lynch Architects have specified Lazenby’s  Tiles for a commercial new build that is ZigZag by name and ZigZag by nature. Lazenby cast 26 different tile sizes from 400mm – 1047mm by 531mm – 1124mm; 30mm deep for the entrance and lift lobbies and 24mm deep for the threshold and lift car stones.

Over 1089 individual and unique hand-made Lazenby Ebony coloured Tiles were pre-cast. Over 1000m2 of tiles were laid, over an existing concrete slab. Lazenby’s Yeovil manufacturing centre created a robust and successful process to ensure that superior quality was guaranteed, from the first to the last tile.

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