Pre-Cast and Polished Concrete

Lazenby’s Off White polished concrete floor and renamed ‘Marble’ pre-cast equivalent are featured here. The multisteps and floor colours are designed to be as close a match as possible. The pleasing architectural lines of the complimentary substrates enrich this residential refurbishment. The 120m2 Lazenby Off White, laid 100mm deep, was installed first. The pre-cast, non-structural steps, were fitted over a block work sub-step at the end of the project. The pre-cast steps are each 40mm deep, cast as an L shape to remove the joint along the front edge if they were created as a separate tread and riser. Your creative opportunities, using concrete, are unlimited! Why not visit our website to choose your perfect colour matches. Or to discuss your exciting architectural plans for 2016 please call us: 01935 700306